I have to admit that it must be an exciting feeling to write the first stupid blog entry in my life. However, I don’t feel a thing right know. In other words this is not my first blog entry. In fact it even is not my third or fourth entry. It is my (202 + 1)th entry on a blog like platform. All my former posts are on www.waldies.de/community. But since our little community is degrading and suffering from acute member vaporization, I decided to put my personal literay supplement on his own feets. Here we go. Or better, here I go:

Captains log, stardate 1234567, It’s been a wacky week. We encountered a strange alien life form that induced me some kind of unknown poison. The doctor’s treatment hasn’t shown any effect by now. I am starting to think that I have to learn to live with it. The diagnosis is rather brutal: The desease is known as the Hrrggnnn Prie Prie syndrom and forces the victim to drink coffee. As long as we are unable to finde a cure, the doctor advised me to reduce my level of brain activity to a minimum. That means no more English postings, only German postings to avoid further brain damage near to my Borg neural cortex.

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