Welcome to my humble OpenGL Tutorial. Since 2006 I am a huge fan of OpenGL when I first started toying around with it. Since then I have been writing a couple of OpenGL related posts, mostly crappy and chaotic. Recently I came to think I should restructure them and try to bring them in a concise and coherent form so that the stuff becomes more readable and self-contained. Also, I am porting all code to work on the most recent OpenGL 4.0 standard. This site is the result, tataaa! (and it’s work in progress).

This page serves as the table of contents to my OpenGL Tutorial. I am following a top-down approach, meaning that I try to cover things on a broad level first and then drilling down on the details. The later part of the Tutorial will list several code examples how to achieve certain things with OpenGL.

A wonderful fact about OpenGL is, that it is (kinda) platform independent. It does not really matter if you target Mobile (OpenGL ES), WebGL, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Python or other language or platform; once you “know” OpenGL, you can easily port it to any language or platform you like. Thus, even though I tend to use Java and JavaScript in my examples, this OpenGL Tutorial is aimed at every person who is interested in OpenGL, regardless what platform the person is developing on and I believe that everyone can easily transfer the learnings into his context.

Please note that I am a medium talented author and English is not exactly my mother tongue (despite watching countless hours of Star Trek). Also, I am not an acknowledged expert on OpenGL, I a just computer scientist of mere being, whose passion is to understand video games and who writes programs in his free-time that draw silly 3D images. So, yeah, there are probably errors in the posts. If
you find any, please let me know via a comment at the bottom of the page. I very much appreciate any kind of feedback and help!

  1. Introduction to 3D Graphics
  2. Basic LWJGL Setup an Game Loop
  3. Loading Shaders in OpenGL
  4. Camera Transformation and View Matrix
  5. Projection Matrix (orthographic and perspective)

Appendix: Math Primer for 3D Graphics

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