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This blog post explains a common and versatile approach to OpenGL picking called "ray picking". An example in pseudo-code is given below.

Picking is the process of finding objects in your scene based on user input. Most commonly, you want to determine what object a user has clicked with his mouse. The 2D mouse coordinates serve as a reference on the view port to identify the projected objected that has been clicked. A similar scenario is a first person shooter, where the gun is basically the picking pointer. If you shoot the gun, the trajectory of the bullet is traced through the scene and collisions are detected, similar to a laser pointer shooting a ray through a scene until it hits an object and marks it with a small red dot.

This getting started-tutorial is intended for JOGL users that are mere beginners. It helps to setup a recent JOGL installation in Eclipse on Windows. There is a video-walk-through further down the post, in case you dont feel like reading.

You are right in this page if you are on the quest for one of the following:

  • recent JOGL binary distribution download
  • precompiled Windows Java OpenGL bindings
  • you just can not find the place where to download JOGL :)

Ab einem gewissen Trafficvolumumen beginnt die Sessionstabelle die der Tomcat auf der Platte hält stetig zu wachsen und täglich größere Ausmaße anzunehmen. Da der Tomcat einen großen Teil der serialisierten Sessiontabelle im Speicher hält, kann das zu einem akkuten Crashrisiko werden, wenn der Tomcat bis zum Limit wächst (oder das OS zu swappen beginnt).

Moin, moin! Heute nun eine kurze Einweisung in die richtige Verwendung von BufferedReaders und den Grund warum der BufferedReader so populär ist. Im Grunde gibt es zwei Gründe: